At least three times a week I have the honour of listening to my boss and his fishing mate talk about all things fishing. Hence the reason why they are fishing mates.
I have come to the realisation, through various phone calls etc, that fishing is a most exciting hobby. Although I don’t understand any of the fishing jargon, the excitement is in their voices. My boss takes at least one day off a week to go fishing, his wall at work is covered with pictures of him and his latest catch, instead of newspapers to read at lunch we have the latest edition of “Club Marine” and instead of spending/wasting his time writing meaningless posts online, he spends his hours researching which rod is hot this week!! Which is obviously a much better use of his time. Perhaps we can all learn a lesson from this.
Back to my point, trust me, I have one.

Has anyone considered a fishing trip recently? If so, I’m keen.


It usually takes a lot for me to become motivated about something. I’m actually quite surprised and embarassed. All it took was some eavesdropping on my part and one man’s passion for his hobby.

I shall forgive you if you find this topic so boring that while reading this post you have found no urges to comment 🙂