Ah, the frustration.

For those of you who have worked in real estate, visited me at work, visited someone else you know who works in real estate, bought a house, sold a house, rented a house, or even walked past a real estate office and drooled at what you could never afford – which by now I think I’ve covered most individuals, you would know – that all real estate offices have a display window, Full of all the house that are currently For Sale.
If you have ever been a receptionist for a real estate office – then you would know that part of your duties – along with the washing up, vacuuming, dusting etc that you must clean the windows. I’m meant to clean the windows every second day. But.. It’s a pretty big window, I’m a pretty slack employee. So I probably clean the windows once every two weeks, sometimes once a week if I’m bored.
I’ve been trying to be a better employee lately so I thought, What the hey, maybe I’ll clean the windows today. So off I go to get my window cleaner – and some newspaper.
Hint – Newspaper is the best thing to clean your windows with!!
The window was as you can imagine after 2 weeks of me being on holidays – pretty dirty. People tapping the window, pressing their noses up against the glass, well, it leaves dirty smears. And yeah, you get that. But I wasn’t prepared for the chocolate smears.
Someone’s little child was obviously a bit too high on Easter happiness and forget that they had chocolate all over their fingers. Or maybe the little rotters did it to spite Me. Either way, I spent more time cleaning those windows than I wanted to.
This is what I get for trying to be a good employee. And people wonder why I don’t like kids!


I have to go back to work tomorrow after 12 wonderful days off..

And I feel like crying. If you can remember you’re first holiday during your first year of full time work.. then you will understand what I’m currently going through..

A post about nothing.

Things that are annoying me right now..

  • I’ve got this really pretty chandelier in my room. One of the lights decided.. let’s not work and annoys Steff. So yes, the dull lighting in my room is annoying me
  • My budget isn’t balancing..
  • I ate some alfoil just before, and it’s left a really gross taste in my mouth.
  • The laptop is making my legs hot.
  • Bert Newton. What an idiot.
  • I have to go back to work on Wednesday after 12 wonderful days off.
  • The fact that I actually ate alfoil. Who manages that..
  • The headache I’m beginning to get due to the fact.. That I can hear my brother’s stereo – which is down the other end of the house.. thumping away. That was a dumb idea Mum.
  • I think I’ve got scars on my ankles from having too many blisters.
  • Males.

Some things that are even more frustrating than those previously listed.

  • I’m too lazy to change the light bulb that blew.
  • That the only reason I’m broke is because of my bad shopping habits.
  • I’m too lazy to go and brush my teeth to get rid of the alfoil taste.
  • That pierson has a really loud stereo.. and all I have is my laptop speakers. Talk about unfair.
  • Bert Newton will always be 12 times richer than me.
  • That I bought the innapropriate footwear, which caused the blisters in the first place.
  • Males.

I’ve also realised that this post was pretty pointless.. All you’ve learnt from reading this post was that I’m pretty lazy.. and that I’m pretty darn good at complaining about a whole load of nothing.

We could just pretend..

Guess what??I saw The Veronica’s today!!

Put aside the fact that you probably don’t like them – or their music and that they tend to dress like skanks and think about the fact that I saw someone famous today!! They walked past my work – How exciting. They are so beyond short – and very very thin. And when people say that famous people always look better on the tv and in the magazines. Well it’s partly true – though I have to admit. These girls still looked reasonably cool.. As cool as you can look when you’re headed to the A/c Pathologist that is.

So that’s my exciting news for the day.
Also.. I got a new phone.. I put a picture so you all know what it looks like. I like it a lot.. If anyone tells me that it’s actually a really pathetic phone, I’ll hurt them. So yeah.. this is my post from work again. Have a great day/night kids.

How could I?

The other day I came to the shocking realisation that I had actually missed out on one of the most important days of the year. I had actually forgotten to celebrate my anniversary. For those who were interested.. I am still single.. The anniversary I am referring to is in fact my 2 year anniversary for working at Best & Less. Yes folks, 2 years ago, last Friday, I was offered a job at this highly exclusive retail store specialising in men’s, ladies and children’s underwear! Woot! Excitement plus..
Speaking of anniversaries.. I also celebrated my 2 month anniversary of full time work. Who ever convinced me that taking a year off before going to uni was a good thing.. I’d like to see. Actually – come to think of it. That was probably my idea. I’ve come up with one of the main reasons as to why I don’t like work..

For those of you who don’t know.. or.. If you haven’t taken the time to come and visit me at work, I’ll let you in on some inside goss. For some reason, work is situated in what appears to be Albany Creek’s medical/fitness centre. Pathologists to my right, pilates to my left. Down the road is the podiatrist, the orthodontist, a private fitness studio, a weight loss centre, a physio and your local gp. While this is setup will be good if something goes wrong at work. Like if I staple myself with the stapler again, or if I chop my finger off with the guillotine, at least I know there’s someone nearby who can help out. However.. It’s doing nothing for my self esteem. I swear the pilates ladies are looking down on me each time I come to work because I haven’t signed up yet. I know us Real Estate girls are the talk of the shopping complex because we actually eat fast food for lunch. Needless to say, the location of my workpace is probably just encouraging me to be even more paranoid than usual. Like, who seriously gets excited about work anniversaries. If anyone has any remedies.. for both my boredom, and my paranoia. Please.. let me know.