How could I?

The other day I came to the shocking realisation that I had actually missed out on one of the most important days of the year. I had actually forgotten to celebrate my anniversary. For those who were interested.. I am still single.. The anniversary I am referring to is in fact my 2 year anniversary for working at Best & Less. Yes folks, 2 years ago, last Friday, I was offered a job at this highly exclusive retail store specialising in men’s, ladies and children’s underwear! Woot! Excitement plus..
Speaking of anniversaries.. I also celebrated my 2 month anniversary of full time work. Who ever convinced me that taking a year off before going to uni was a good thing.. I’d like to see. Actually – come to think of it. That was probably my idea. I’ve come up with one of the main reasons as to why I don’t like work..

For those of you who don’t know.. or.. If you haven’t taken the time to come and visit me at work, I’ll let you in on some inside goss. For some reason, work is situated in what appears to be Albany Creek’s medical/fitness centre. Pathologists to my right, pilates to my left. Down the road is the podiatrist, the orthodontist, a private fitness studio, a weight loss centre, a physio and your local gp. While this is setup will be good if something goes wrong at work. Like if I staple myself with the stapler again, or if I chop my finger off with the guillotine, at least I know there’s someone nearby who can help out. However.. It’s doing nothing for my self esteem. I swear the pilates ladies are looking down on me each time I come to work because I haven’t signed up yet. I know us Real Estate girls are the talk of the shopping complex because we actually eat fast food for lunch. Needless to say, the location of my workpace is probably just encouraging me to be even more paranoid than usual. Like, who seriously gets excited about work anniversaries. If anyone has any remedies.. for both my boredom, and my paranoia. Please.. let me know.


2 thoughts on “How could I?

  1. good post steffa. its true – they do look down at you. but remember that while you may not like work, you’re not paying thousands of dollars to be there and are not forced to sit through a video about Lesbians and Gays *the video inlcuded full frontal nudity. How that is education I’ll never know, needless to say I pulled out my John Grisham and read that instead of pulluting my mind with that rot. I am so mad at the university at the moment *realises I’ve gone off on a tangent and shakes head* sorry. yeah work sounds tough, congrats on your anniversery!

  2. Just think Steff, while they are busy focusing on their abs, you are focusing on getting the resources and knowledge to actually be able to enter the real estate market:)

    And sorry Steff to pursue Matt’s tangent, but…

    I remember being so incredibly frustrated with my uni lecturers and tutors in my first semester doing english at UQ. They would show us advertisements, and no matter WHAT graphics were contained within them, they somehow were actually a phallic symbol or similar. I remember one publication had the important people’s heads from the company each in a circle, and we had to talk about how the circles actually represented sperm, and so on and so forth…

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