A post about nothing.

Things that are annoying me right now..

  • I’ve got this really pretty chandelier in my room. One of the lights decided.. let’s not work and annoys Steff. So yes, the dull lighting in my room is annoying me
  • My budget isn’t balancing..
  • I ate some alfoil just before, and it’s left a really gross taste in my mouth.
  • The laptop is making my legs hot.
  • Bert Newton. What an idiot.
  • I have to go back to work on Wednesday after 12 wonderful days off.
  • The fact that I actually ate alfoil. Who manages that..
  • The headache I’m beginning to get due to the fact.. That I can hear my brother’s stereo – which is down the other end of the house.. thumping away. That was a dumb idea Mum.
  • I think I’ve got scars on my ankles from having too many blisters.
  • Males.

Some things that are even more frustrating than those previously listed.

  • I’m too lazy to change the light bulb that blew.
  • That the only reason I’m broke is because of my bad shopping habits.
  • I’m too lazy to go and brush my teeth to get rid of the alfoil taste.
  • That pierson has a really loud stereo.. and all I have is my laptop speakers. Talk about unfair.
  • Bert Newton will always be 12 times richer than me.
  • That I bought the innapropriate footwear, which caused the blisters in the first place.
  • Males.

I’ve also realised that this post was pretty pointless.. All you’ve learnt from reading this post was that I’m pretty lazy.. and that I’m pretty darn good at complaining about a whole load of nothing.


4 thoughts on “A post about nothing.

  1. I thought that was a super post steff, absolutely marvellous. cept for the part about males, unless of course you mean normal males. Myself not being a normal male, rather a bit of a superhero male instead.

  2. bravo, steff. funniest post i’ve read all week. however, i’m deeply troubled / intrigued – why did you eat foil? are you some kinda robot? and if so, what kind of powers do you have? do you use them for good or for awesome?

    will robots & males never understand each other? damn our forefathers for losing the original manuals!

  3. Well you see…

    I was eating some chocolate.

    And I wasn’t concentrating.

    And there must have been some alfoil on the chocolate that I didn’t see.

    So there you have it kids.
    I’m not some weird.. freak.

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