I have to go back to work tomorrow after 12 wonderful days off..

And I feel like crying. If you can remember you’re first holiday during your first year of full time work.. then you will understand what I’m currently going through..


6 thoughts on “*Sigh*

  1. I remember Steff. Try, if you can, to remind yourself that working will allow you to buy more inappropriate yet very pretty footwear that will probably contribute to your blister issues and possibly cause long-term ankle damage, but make you feel a whole lot more excited about your next party:)Plus, you know, productive member of society and all that, yada yada yada..

  2. well think about it this way, at least you won’t have to walk down to the dole office. it smells of poor people — i should know — i mean, so i’m told by my crazy racist friends.

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