Ah, the frustration.

For those of you who have worked in real estate, visited me at work, visited someone else you know who works in real estate, bought a house, sold a house, rented a house, or even walked past a real estate office and drooled at what you could never afford – which by now I think I’ve covered most individuals, you would know – that all real estate offices have a display window, Full of all the house that are currently For Sale.
If you have ever been a receptionist for a real estate office – then you would know that part of your duties – along with the washing up, vacuuming, dusting etc that you must clean the windows. I’m meant to clean the windows every second day. But.. It’s a pretty big window, I’m a pretty slack employee. So I probably clean the windows once every two weeks, sometimes once a week if I’m bored.
I’ve been trying to be a better employee lately so I thought, What the hey, maybe I’ll clean the windows today. So off I go to get my window cleaner – and some newspaper.
Hint – Newspaper is the best thing to clean your windows with!!
The window was as you can imagine after 2 weeks of me being on holidays – pretty dirty. People tapping the window, pressing their noses up against the glass, well, it leaves dirty smears. And yeah, you get that. But I wasn’t prepared for the chocolate smears.
Someone’s little child was obviously a bit too high on Easter happiness and forget that they had chocolate all over their fingers. Or maybe the little rotters did it to spite Me. Either way, I spent more time cleaning those windows than I wanted to.
This is what I get for trying to be a good employee. And people wonder why I don’t like kids!

6 thoughts on “Ah, the frustration.

  1. mmmm… chocolate smears!

    the worst I’ve ever had was blood smears – i was working at strathpine 3mobile, but still! blood?!

  2. ah my worst chocolate smear story goes something like this….

    twas a clear, bright afternoon last year. I had just visited my cousins on my way to some party when my littlest girl cousin came running out of her room with chocolate all over her hands and face. she grabbed both my legs with the forementioned hands and buried her face into my upper thigh. I went to that party covered in chocolate smears.

  3. children should be sent into another dimension until the age of 15 at which they may return, if they’re good.

    but no, seriously when i worked at mum’s cafĂ© kids would always smear and mark the cake display and the outside window.

    but don’t blame the kids, blame the parents who don’t discipline them! damn hippies! they should all be shipped out to an antarctic naturalist colony.

  4. I agree with you on the newspapers Stef! They work well! I also find that vinegar is cheaper and just as effective an alternative to window cleaner.

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