Some random thoughts and photos

This photo proves that once upon a time I was smart. Nevermind the fact that this photo was strategically posed to position me to look like a nerd.
Proof I can be domestic. That’s some nice diced tomatoes you have there Steff.
Sweet as.
Today.. I stumbled across something that I found quite hilarious. And you thought my lame attempt at a blog was blog – Here you can check out.. and I kid you not. Real Estate Blogs. Yes folks, how sad indeed.
It’s a pity he’s taken. I think we work well together.
This post goes out to Linus – because he thinks I’m the second most random person he knows. I’d actually like to know who the most random person you know is. I’d like to know who I’m up against – because as much as you all think being random is the lowest form of wit – I like being a teeny bopper and succumbing to the peer pressure that general teens are exposed to.

3 thoughts on “Some random thoughts and photos

  1. Please don’t think of it as a competition Steff, but if you really have to know, the most random person I’ve ever met is Kimbo. And there ain’t no competing with that. ^_^

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