In life we’re faced with many choices.. Sometimes simple choices – Which route to take to work, how many sugar’s you’d like in your tea, whether or not you’ll go through that yellow light and risk it turning red.. Things like that. And sometimes we’re faced with difficult choices – Who I will marry, should I quit uni, should I get a new job – Or.. The choice that I am forced to make all the time.. The most difficult of all.. What will I have for lunch today?
To make matters worse.. Albany Creek has a surprising range of options..MacDonalds – Reasonably cheap but incredibly.. Overated.
KFC – Greasy to the max.
Subway – not so bad – bit pricey for a sandwhich.
Noodlebox – A healthier option
The Pub – no go area for me..
Thai – Not very time efficient..
Fish & Chips – Ew.
Red Rooster – again, a little on the greasy side..
A large number of various bakeries offering… well bakery type things.
Donut King – I’ll just pass
Nando’s – fairly scrumptious..

And these are just the options in walking distance..
For some reason I seem to keep bringing my overated soups from home.. Why is that again?

Oh yeah.. I’m broke.

Also – today my boss decided that he would take the other two admin staff out for lunch today to celebrate us having a good month.. Thanks for inviting me!! Just cos I have nothing to do with rentals.. I had to take my lunch break an hour early – Which means the afternoon will be even slower.. Great.

Yes.. I am in a bad mood..


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