Things I’ve noticed recently..

  • To build up your comment tally – post something meaningless.. then don’t post again for another week.. Proof = 26 comments.. From a 4 worded post!
  • Sometimes it’s easier to be honest with everyone else than it is to be truly honest with yourself.
  • People tend to neglect their blogs during exam time..
  • Aquarium’s are apparently all the rage!
  • That one can never have too many pillow’s.. I have 8 and counting..
  • There’s absolutely nothing wrong with praying for puppies..
  • The later at night it gets – the brighter everyone’s headlights seem..
  • That there are several types of friends..

Friends you only joke around with, friends you only fight with, friends who “get” you, friends who don’t seem to have a thing in common with you, friends who pray for you, friends you pray for, friends you spend all your time with, friends you never see, friends you encourage, and friends who encourage you..and friends who just seem to be an odd but great combination of everything.

Laura Fraser and I had lunch today – we held hands and kissed.. TWICE!!


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