Funny things I saw and heard today..

Shutup everyone.. I know I posted yesterday.

  • My mum singing at our cat “Whats new pussy cat woah, woah”
  • Seeing someone run out into the pouring rain covering his head with what I imagine were very important documents. This I would normally understand – but this guy is practically bald. Why bother getting the papers wet for the sake of keeping your hair dry?? It’s not like he could have ruined his hairdo with the rain..
  • Someone coming into work today – slightly intoxicated after lunch at the pub.. Who was telling my boss to ‘shutup’ and telling him he looked ridiculous cos he wasn’t wearing a tie – and that he couldn’t pull off the suit without a tie look cos “you’re not a rockstar”
  • Going without sleep for 17 hours has the same effect on your response/reflex/reaction time as if you had the blood alcohol reading of 0.05..

So for all you soccer fans out there – have a serious think about that. Make sure you’re getting the required 8 hours of sleep..

And now that I have done 3 posts since Friday… I shouldn’t need to post for a while..


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