“myspace is the new blogger! that’s the reason why no one is blogging. everyone needs to get a myspace cause it’s the cool thing to do… i’ve joined cause i’m cool.”

Luke Matthews comment on Jeremy Frasers Blog.

I have been inspired to post.

I feel like I have to take a stand for the bloggers out there. The REAL bloggers.

I have indeed joined MySpace – but.. I’m still blogging. Blogger is for the committed. For the truly creative ones.

Also MySpace is only for boosting (or lowering) your self esteem. It’s all a big competition. How many friends can I have? How many comments can I get? How many peoples favourite friends lists am I in? How many emo pictures of myself can I display?

I still feel that Blogger, through all the hard times, through all the competition, has retained some of its class. There’s something truly wonderful about a committed blogger. People such as Linus, Ruth, Kathryn..Even Jeremy (however infrequent his updates are)..These people are blogging even when they feel their blogs aren’t being heard. Because they don’t really care, it’s not about how many comments they can get, how many friends they can acquire through having a cool MySpace layout..

So in conclusion – Steff says NO to Luke Matthews. I will still blog, no matter how addictive MySpace may be.

Note: Although I may look like an avid myspace addict, I really find it quite irritating. I’m sick of it accidently posting my comments twice. I look like a moron!


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