I’ve realised over the years.. that people love to give me nicknames. Normal ones – and particulary odd ones that I never seem to understand. Here’s a list I compiled..

  • Steff (Possibly the most common one)
  • Steffa
  • Steffy
  • Steffie ( I think there’s a difference)
  • Steffania
  • Teflon
  • Mother Teff
  • Faffy Dingo
  • Stefarrny
  • Willy (This one I resent)
  • Steffni
  • Steffinini
  • Steffy Wheffy Woo
  • Stressed Willis

Are there any others I’ve forgotten..? Would you like to come up with a new nickanme for me? I didn’t think you could get so many out of Steffany. There’s also about a million ways to spell my name.

  • Stephanie (the most common)
  • Stephany
  • Stephani
  • Stephany
  • Steffanie
  • Steffany (probably the coolest)
  • Steffani
  • Stefanie
  • Stefany
  • Stefani
  • Steffanii
  • Stephanii
  • Stefanii – haha these are getting weird now..

Gee – this was a dumb post. All about me and my name.. Hmm.. Oh well. A post all the same.

My August Resolution

In one of Jessica’s recent posts – she mentioned what I think is a really great idea.

Monthly Resolutions.

Mine are.

1. To try and bring lunch from home 4 out of 5 days of the week.
2. To try and be in bed asleep before 12 every night, including weekends.
3. To not catch the flu and to get rid of my husky/sexy man voice which keeps coming back everytime I’ve nearly gotten rid of it.