I’ve realised over the years.. that people love to give me nicknames. Normal ones – and particulary odd ones that I never seem to understand. Here’s a list I compiled..

  • Steff (Possibly the most common one)
  • Steffa
  • Steffy
  • Steffie ( I think there’s a difference)
  • Steffania
  • Teflon
  • Mother Teff
  • Faffy Dingo
  • Stefarrny
  • Willy (This one I resent)
  • Steffni
  • Steffinini
  • Steffy Wheffy Woo
  • Stressed Willis

Are there any others I’ve forgotten..? Would you like to come up with a new nickanme for me? I didn’t think you could get so many out of Steffany. There’s also about a million ways to spell my name.

  • Stephanie (the most common)
  • Stephany
  • Stephani
  • Stephany
  • Steffanie
  • Steffany (probably the coolest)
  • Steffani
  • Stefanie
  • Stefany
  • Stefani
  • Steffanii
  • Stephanii
  • Stefanii – haha these are getting weird now..

Gee – this was a dumb post. All about me and my name.. Hmm.. Oh well. A post all the same.


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