Counting down the days..

It’s nearly that time of the year – and by that time of the year – I mean..
It’s nearly my birthday – wooohooo!
And while this post is mainly just cos I haven’t updated in forever and to remind everyone about this joyous occaision – there is more to the post.
What do I want for my birthday..? My mum keeps asking me what I want and I cant’ think of anything. It’s my 18th this year so I need to try and think of something good..

There’s the obvious – I could ask for a car. But I already have one.
Someone said I should ask for a motorbike – somehow, I don’t think I’d grasp the full potential that a motorbike has to offer..
I’m trying to think of the other typical 18th presents – otherwise I’ll get something really lame. And that would be – … well.. very lame.
This is actually one of those posts where I’m asking for comments cos I want any suggestions you might have.. What are some good presents you’ve gotten over the years?
I’m not just asking cos I need ideas – I really am interested. Honest.

23 days..


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