Love and Hate

A couple of things I’m currently a little obsessed with…

  1. Crispy MnM’s
  2. The Hillsong London Album
  3. Photos
  4. Lights
  5. Gilmore Girls Episodes
  6. The smell of cut grass
  7. Birthdays – 13 days till mine
  8. The colour white.
  9. This red dress I found the other day while shopping for someone else!
  10. Crying. I don’t know why – I tell everyone that everything makes me cry, when it doesnt

A couple of things that I’m currently despising…

  1. Starting the day off with ten pens & not being able to fine one by lunchtime.
  2. People who brake suddenly.. & people who start braking waaaay too early.
  3. Scary movies
  4. Liars
  5. When my phone dies on me
  6. The fact that while we’ve had bit of rain lately, my car still looks dirty.
  7. High heels – my feet are killing me.
  8. The colour pink.
  9. PDA’s – you all make me sick. Go take your lovey gooey happiness elsewhere.

I had to make sure that I had one more thing that I loved than the things I hate.. Otherwise I look like one of those negative people. And that’s definately not me.. at all. 🙂


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