I’m currently so tired. So that I’ve tried about a million, give or take several hundred, ways to keep myself awake at work.

1. Working
2. Slapping myself across the face
3. Coffee
4. Standing up for long periods of time
5. Tea
6. Music
7. Nanny naps at my desk
8. Food
9. Blogging
10. Myspace
11. Emails
12. Fresh air
13. A walk outside
14. Singing
15. Working – I tried this one twice
16. Reading a magazine
17. Forcibly holding my eyes open

Okay, so it was more like give or take 999,984 ways..
Not even the scary lizard – who I named ‘Scary Lizard’ who continues to jump out and frighten me, can keep me alert and shake me from my tiredness.

The purpose of this post. I’m not really sure. Oh wait – yes, it’s another way to try and keep myself awake and entertained.If you think of any other creative ideas, please let me know, by the time you get around to commenting (which I highly encourage) today will probably be over, but I shall use your helpful hints next week at work. However not the week after – cos I won’t be bored at my next job.. Will I guys?


Ripped off.

Yesterday as I was driving home and I saw a guy with the number plate..

688 EMO

First thought was. What a loser – this guy has gone and got a personalised plate and gotten what he’s been labelled as on it. That’s like someone getting BLONDE6 or STUPID11.

Then as I drove past this guy – I realised. He wasn’t an emo, and it wasn’t a personalised plate. This guy had just gotten the letter combination EMO for his license plate.

How ripped off does the non emotional guy feel that now his license plate automatically labels him as an EMO.. and that judgemental drivers (myself) instantly assume this guy is an emo.
And how ripped off does the emo out there feel – that he didn’t get lucky and get the combination 688 EMO for his number plate. Those personalised plates aren’t cheap!

Just so everyone knows – the numbers I’ve used for the licence plate, are just an example.