Making a come back…

No.. unlike the title of the post might suggest.. this isn’t going to be a post about all my amazing comebacks… (although I’m thinking of doing that next week).. this post title is more just to indicate that.. I haven’t completely given up on blogging.. I have just had the most hectic kinda 8 or so weeks of my life..


New (ish) workplace: Oh.. my. Best move I ever made… ( I hope they are all reading this ).. besides the fact that I’m getting paid to hang out with a lot of people I really like (again, I sound like I’m sucking up), there’s lots and I mean LOTS of food. I’m kept busy.. which you may have noticed, due to my lack of blogging.. although I’ve noticed.. like no one blogs these days! How sad! But yes, what was I saying.. I’m kept busy, this I acutally like.

Weekend of Honour: Boy! What a weekend.. Late nights which turned into early mornings at the church… pretty dressy.. my curling iron chucking as spas on me.. a really really early morning so that you all could hear the really really spendid choir. My oh my.. The choir!

Trip to Tasmania: I went away for a week down to Tasmania. To visit, some family (hold the rude jokes) and some friends down there. I stayed with my best friend Tegan. The weather is great down there.. No I didn’t come back with a disease of some kind.. the disease everyone has down there actually isn’t contagious.. and no I didn’t die from a raging bush fire. Although I did spend the second night while I was down there, preparing the house I was staying at for one. Bush bashing.. while under the threat of a potential bush fire that was up the road – is actually quite fun!

And well.. that’s all I can be bothered updating on.
I haven’t died.. as some people seem to think I have.