So many passwords, so little memory..

I’ve realised lately that I have one too many passwords..
In fact, more than one too many. I am so sick of that page that comes up that says ‘sorry, the password you have entered is incorrect’. Hmm.. not as sorry as I am.

Blogging’s Back

Well.. I am back. I tried posting a comment on Laura’s Ghana blog and then realised I couldn’t, and it made me want my old blog back. I’ve resurrected my old blog.. and realised that it had been a year since I’ve posted.
I’m kind of relating it all to a very mixed up relationship. It’s like a blogging and I had a bit of a long term thing going on.. then I got busy with my life, kind of distracted by my myspace and facebook. And now I’ve realised.. that maybe that grass was always browner on the other side. Maybe I miss the annoying feeling of trying to come up with a title for my blog, the feeling that I’ve spent all this energy writing a post – and no one reads it.
I mean.. just like people who break off long term relationships.. wait for a year.. then come crawling back.. I’m pretty sure this next phase of my blogging relationship won’t last. I’m sure I’ll be distracted/get too busy again. But I’m willing to give it a shot.
Blogger put up a little bit of fight.. making me get a google account and all that sort of rubbish. But it caved eventually.. obviously it missed me.