The Very NEW Year

Happy New Year!

This year will bring in a lot of changes for me, which I am excited about.

Highlights from last year –

Anberlin Concert – Special Mention to AMinda for giving me her ticket. Maybe the best night of 07.
Hillsong Conference – Special thanks to Laura, Casey and JD for making it a splendid week.
Scatter Groups – I will never play taboo again without remembering that crazy night with my Scatter girls.
Tegan’s Qld Visit – Special mention goes out to Tegan.
My Birthday – Special mentions to Tegan for coming up for it – and to my lovely friends who bought me Phantom of the Opera tickets.
Car Crash – wasn’t really a highlight.. but it was in some ways.

Things I’m looking forward to this year –

Phantom of the Opera – Woo!
Moving into my new house with my new housemates!
Starting uni and finally being able to join in on the uni stress conversations. Being able to say “no I can’t come out – I have to study”
Getting a new car – that uses much less fuel! Yay!

Things I’m not looking forward to this year –

Deciding on who take with me to Phantom of the Opera
Paying rent for my new house
Actually having to study
Not seeing my family very often

I am looking forward to more things than I am dreading – so it’s going to be a good year.