Things I’ve learnt from QR

I started my new job on Monday – and part of the whole “getting out of my comfort zone” thing meant that I was going to be taking the train to work. It’s approximately a 45 minute train ride – which is enough time to observe several things about people, train travel and life.

I find it entertaining to watch people while I’m riding the train. However I don’t always watch people’s facial expressions – I find their footwear fascinating. You can tell a lot about a person from the kind of shoes they wear on the train. I’ve realised there a 3 kinds of people – well women, because men don’t wear heels.

1. Women who don’t really care what their shoes look like – as long as they are comfortable and can wear them all day long.

2. Women who care what they look like at work – but either have to walk long distances or prefer to be comfortable on the train – therefore wear sneakers or thongs.

3. People who constantly care what they look like and so wear painstakingly high or uncomfortable shoes on the train.

I am yet to decide which kind of person I will be – I started off as a 3 type of person, as most women probably do and have now become a mix of both 1 & 2. I think however after a month of changing over my shoes in the lift thing – I’ll probably end up as a 1. And buy some ugly flat shoes.


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