One of my favourite quotes..

I read this book last year “God Chicks: Living life as a 21st century woman” by Holly Wagner and the chapter The ‘Whatever it takes’ chick was one of my favourites. There was the quote in it that made the slightly tacky “chick” references worthwhile.

When women around the world told Holly how much they wanted to have her life and how could they get it.. this is what she would reply with.

“Study hard… read a book a week.. stay married when you feel like leaving.. write a letter to a friend when you’d rather shop.. play with your children when you want some time alone.. write when you feel like sleeping.. work out when you feel like playing.. control emotions when you feel like screaming.. forgive when you feel like hating.. overcome limitations when you want to quit.”


By the end of this weekend I shall hopefully come out alive after I completely immerse myself in the wonderful weird world of weddings.
I’m going along to check out the future Mrs Aiton’s wedding… but afterwards… I will be attending.. the Brisbane Bridal Expo! Yikes!
One of my best friends Rebecca is getting married in 2010 and so we are going along to the expo to pick up ideas and inspiration and hopefully a free gift or two.
Apart from supporting my friend, and enjoying pretty dresses etc.. I’m fairly excited about spying on some crazy BrideZilla’s. I’m sure they will be out in full force. I’m also on the look out for groups of ladies without engagement rings. Just wondering whether people who aren’t engaged rock up to these kind of things and just.. plan their wedding in advance. They’ll find the husband later.
Experts from Women’s Entertainment have identified the following signs that the blushing bride has become a weapon of mass exasperation:
1. She wonders why the mean ol’ mayor is being such a jerk about the tickertape parade.
2. Spray-painting 100 doves gold is not “over the top,” but necessary.
3. Vendors are instructed never to make direct eye contact and to always address the woman in question as “Her Majesty, The Bride.”
4. The reception involves speedboats, hot-air balloons, fireworks, or clearance from NASA.
5. Both Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio call to voice their concern that the floral arrangements will affect Earth’s fragile eco-balance.