I love women.


“A women is like a teabag. It’s only when she’s in hot water that you realise how strong she is” Nancy Reagan

Mr Charles

“You may speak but a word to a child, and in that child there may be slumbering a noble heart which shall stir the Christian Church in years to come.”

Charles Spurgeon


This is a list of the things that are currently “my favourite” right now.


Favourite Drink: Tea

Favourite Fruit: Oranges

Favourite Song: No Good – Kate Voegele

Favourite Day of the week: Friday

Favourite Movie/Tv Show: One Tree Hill

Favourite Word: Decadent

Favourite Colour: Pink

Favourite Book: Written on Silk by Linda Lee Chaikin



Some of these answers actually took me by surprise. I’m not normally a pink person, and normally I love coffee more than tea and I would probably choose a mango over an orange. But right now — at this exact point in time. The above are my favourites.

Things I love

I’m naturally a negative person — so every now and then I try and remember all the great things in my life by writing crazy lists like the one you are about to read.

Things I’m loving at the moment:

  • After tomorrow, I only have 3 pieces of assessment left for the end of the year. 1 year down — 5 to go!
  • My mug I got from Jess Greenwood for my birthday.
  • That Designing Women is this weekend — I love it when our church does something really cool
  • http://stufffchristianslike.blogspot.com/
  • Tupperware — my order arrives today!
  • The Office – The American Series
  • The weird but wonderful spring weather
  • Entering competitions – I have to win something someday!
  • Bec Mumberson, Nathan Whitecross & Boardgames

Desktop of the day:

Rain, hail or shine

It’s pouring rain today.

It’s pouring so hard that it woke me up this morning at about 5am. Normally anything that wake me up before 7am (including my alarm) I don’t like. But it meant today that I got to fall back asleep to the rain.

Earlier in the week on one of the perfectly lovely days of sunshine that we get here in QLD I remember saying to a colleague how ‘today is just one of those days you’d prefer not to be in the office, and up the coast somewhere’.

And today I had a similar conversation. ‘Today is just one of those days you’d prefer not to be in the office, and still in bed watching movies and reading books’.

Either way we find I find a way to complain. Perhaps I am in the wrong industry.


Desktop for today::

Relationship Status

WordPress and I are doing great!!

I love my new blog — it’s pretty, easy to use, classy and just something fresh and new.

Now all I need is something inspirational/witty/intelligent to post about. Unfortunately WordPress hasn’t improved my actual writing ability.


I really hate reptiles.

Approx 2 years ago I was working at a Real Estate and I mentioned on a previous post about how I had gone out the back to use the facilities and had come across a fairly large lizard/goanna that scared me half to death and then continued to scare me for weeks afterwards whenever I went outside.

Yesterday I had a strange flashback. My boss called me over to the door that leads to wear the bathrooms are located. We have a warehouse and the roller door remains open 90% of the time and guess what had come back to re-scare me all over again. Another lizard. Staring directly at me. Eventually it just went away and we couldn’t find it in the warehouse anymore. After a few of the staff tried to scare me by pretending the lizard had entered reception I eventually got over it.

As I was leaving work and reversing I felt a bump.


As I reversed further I realise that I had in fact run over the lizard. Part of me was kind of glad that the lizard (probably the same one from 2 yrs ago) was gone, part of me felt really bad for killing an animal. But most of the feelings I had were just gross feelings as I probably broke all his bones and all his insides were starting to come out.

I parked somewhere else this morning.

Thoughts I stole from Mr Max Lucado

Max Lucado is a brilliant man. One of the first books I really remember reading was by Max Lucado. It’s called ‘You are Special’. It’s pure brilliance really. It’s essentially about self esteem and my Dad gave it to me (and also my brother and sister) when I was fairly little. Sometimes I wonder if books & music and & art really can impact someone’s life. But I really think this book is a big part of who I am today. And I’m going to buy it for my children.

Currently though, I’m reading ‘No Wonder they call Him Saviour’ by Max Lucado. And while I haven’t read a lot of it yet, I’ve already gained so much from it.

“A serious study of the Christian claim is, at its essence, a study of the cross. To accept of reject Christ without a careful examination of Calvary is like deciding on a car without looking at the engine. Being religious without knowing the cross is like owning a Mercedes with no motor. Pretty package, but where is your power?”

“Anger. It’s a peculiar yet predictable emotion. It begins as a drop of water. A irritant. A frustration. Nothing big, just an aggravation. Someone gets your parking place. Some pulls in front of you on the freeway. A waitress is slow and you are in a hurry. The toast burns. Drops of water. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip
Yet, get enough of those seeming innocent drops of anger and before long you’ve got a bucket full of rage. Walking revenge. Blind bitterness. Unharnessed hatred”

So profound.


Well. Welcome Steffany.

I have very mixed emotions about this new blog. I think blogs are very similar to relationships. And essentially — I feel like I’ve just broken up with someone. So I am sad to let something (blogger) go that I have been faithful (mostly) to for nearly 3 years. But I am also excited.. for I feel I may have given up on the last relationship for a new and better one.

At least I hope so.

Au revoir!