I really hate reptiles.

Approx 2 years ago I was working at a Real Estate and I mentioned on a previous post about how I had gone out the back to use the facilities and had come across a fairly large lizard/goanna that scared me half to death and then continued to scare me for weeks afterwards whenever I went outside.

Yesterday I had a strange flashback. My boss called me over to the door that leads to wear the bathrooms are located. We have a warehouse and the roller door remains open 90% of the time and guess what had come back to re-scare me all over again. Another lizard. Staring directly at me. Eventually it just went away and we couldn’t find it in the warehouse anymore. After a few of the staff tried to scare me by pretending the lizard had entered reception I eventually got over it.

As I was leaving work and reversing I felt a bump.


As I reversed further I realise that I had in fact run over the lizard. Part of me was kind of glad that the lizard (probably the same one from 2 yrs ago) was gone, part of me felt really bad for killing an animal. But most of the feelings I had were just gross feelings as I probably broke all his bones and all his insides were starting to come out.

I parked somewhere else this morning.

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