Yesterday was a pretty good day. I did some baking and then went to a lunch bqq and an afternoon tea. I met with old friends and met some new friends while enjoying some wonderful food. On the way back from Brighton I happened to get caught in Brisbane’s worst storm in 25 years. While I focussed on keeping Emma and I on the road, we listened to Brooke Fraser which was frequently interupted by deafening claps of thunder and Emma’s gasps at the lightening which would have been no more than 100 or 200m away. And while for the second time in my life, I wondered if I might die, I also kind of enjoyed it.

Today at lunch we were talking about the storm and other natural disasters and one person commented on the sheer force of say a tornado. How “it seems as if nothing or no one can stand in it’s way”. And while the storm is scary, it’s also kind of exciting.

I think that’s what life with Jesus is like. It’s scary and it’s exciting. I’m so glad I serve the poweful One behind the storm. The One who has the power to cease the drought with rain. The one who holds lightening bolts in his hands. Nothing or no one can stand in His way.

“Is he safe” Lucy asks. “Safe!?” Mr Beaver replies. “Of course he’s not safe… but He is good”

The Chronicles of Narnia – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Captured by Stephen Deeth from Redcliffe QLD

Captured by Stephen Deeth from Redcliffe QLD


2 thoughts on “Majesty

  1. yeah yeah, i heard about this crazy storm! i hope everything is ok, I know some of my favourite trees around my house went down- i almost shed a tear hey…

    how wierd, having favourite trees!

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