Mr Swanborough

My friend Blaine is pretty talented. He’s a great friend, is funny, sensible, wise, a good public speaker, is a good cook and is very considerate. However the things he is most known for are his wonderous abilities to make wonderful coffee and his musician-ish skills.

You can check out his coffee blog here – and you can check out his mad poetry skills here.


I do not believe my heart and believing in truth is truly an art,
When the feelings have gone, when the pain has passed,
Truth is still true, but wrong yet again, was my heart.

I do not believe my mind as it so easily conforms to the daily grind,
When my heart fights to be free, and to express itself creatively.
The daily grind still imprisons my mind, and I continue on in apathy.

My heart and my mind both confuse and deceive,
They betray the confidence that they receive,
They cause me to grieve over the temporary.
Continually on the wrong path they lead.
Only in truth should my heart and mind believe.


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