A Tasmania House Christmas

Tegan, Emma and myself named our unit ‘The Tasmania House’.

It is named this mainly because Tegan and Emma were born and lived all their lives in Tasmania.. and I lived there for a about 6 years. Hold the Tasmanian jokes please.

This Christmas will be our first Tasmania House Christmas, and sadly, our last as we are all off on our separate ways next year. But I thought I’d post the picture, because I think it’s a decent achievement for my first Christmas tree. In inherited it from my parents, who bought it the year I was born. So I guess it’s symbolic or something.

Christmas Tree

3 thoughts on “A Tasmania House Christmas

  1. this is great! our poor little tree looks pathetic…its stuck up on kates bed, which is now in the middle of the family room, right next to her exposed wardrobe, and it leans from side to side depending on the breeze. But you will be excited to know that there is a present underneath it with your name on it!! I shall transfer it to under your tree when I come and stay with you that week!! SO EXCITED xx

  2. Hehe awesome!! I haven’t wrapped your present.. it’s hiding in my room. I will keep it under my tree for a while. At least while you stay. đŸ™‚ xo

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