Twilight – and all that hype

So I started reading Twilight last night. It’s the first book in the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer. But like you didn’t know that already.

I’ve been hearing about Twilight for a while now.. but I’ve been hearing about Edward Cullen for longer what with all the Team


Edward business you see about the place, mainly facebook. When I started to see movie ads I looked it up on wikipedia to at least get a general outline of the plot so I could try and figure out what all the insanity was about. Didn’t really grab me.. I’m not really a vampire type person.

Anyway, my Mum’s work friends bought her the first book to read while she recovers with the intention of reading it to see if it was suitable for my younger sister. I offered to read it for Mum (didn’t really strike me as her type of novel either) to help her out, but also to satisfy a little curiosity. What was it about this book that made so many people crazy about it?

I started last night and I’m nearly half done. I’m still not really sure what it all is, but it is fairly addictive. I’ve always been a bit addictive with books anyway, and if I had have had all day, I’m sure the book would be basically finished. It’s actually pretty good, enjoyable anyway. I’m not sure why. But it is.  It bugs me when people judge something or someone before they know anything about it – so here I am, checking it out before I judge it.

I’ll come back and edit this post later if I change my mind, but I think I’ve enjoyed it enough to go and watch the movie now. I hate being one of the billions and millions of people who jump on some bandwagon, especially if you jump on it late – but hey, what’s good is good.

4 stars

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