Christmas is here, bringing good cheer

Today I was a part of the Northside Church’s Christmas Choir. We did this amazing rendition of Carol of the Bells, complete with 50 person 4 part choir, an amazing band and the beautiful Chare David on the Grand Piano.

It was an interesting thing to be part of. It was frustrating most of the time. What with song changes at the last minute etc, but I think in the end, it was worth it. It sounded really good and I think the effect was just what was needed.

I think lots of things in life are like that, sometimes the journey isn’t everything you wished it to be. You get frustrated, taken for granted, upset, tired. But I think, if you choose to be  part of something worthwhile, no matter how the journey is, the destination is worthwhile. I want my life to sound good, and I want it to affect people’s lives and for it to be just what they need.

Christmas Love to everyone.

— Steffany.

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