Long Way Down

Finally! I finished the last book from 3 books in 3 weeks, which turned into more than 3 weeks, but still.

A Long Way Down is very different from most of the books I read. It’s essentially a travel book, written by Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor (who I’m a fairly big fan of), about the trip they take on motorbikes all the way through Africa. Long Way Down

I found this book a little hard to read, although very interesting. They met with a lot of organisations, like UNICEF, and got to see first hand the great things that organisations like that are doing throughout Africa. I enjoyed hearing all the stories, and it made me want to travel, although I definitely wouldn’t do it on a motorbike. Ewan and Charley also made me laugh – which is always good. I don’t normally laugh out loud when I read books, even if they are funny, but this one had me laughing.

The swearing (which there was a lot of) was a little bit frustrating, although I got used to it and I think the only reason I didn’t love love it was because it was different to what I would normally read. However I think it’s good to expand your reading and your book collections, so I think this was the best book out of the three.

Maybe more of a boys book though? Read it if your into Africa, Motorbikes or Ewan McGregor.

3 stars


3 thoughts on “Long Way Down

  1. I haven’t read the book, but i did see the tv series – both of them. The first was called ‘Long way Round” when they travelled from England to the USA across the Eurasian super continent.

    That TV series was so awesome (better than long way down actually), and it leaves you with really itchy feet! Lucky was heading off to Hawaii soon after or I would have died!

  2. Haha! Yeah they refer to Long Way Around a lot in the book, I think I might prefer that one so I will have to read it at some point. Or watch the tv series.

  3. I agree with your review Steff, its probably more a boys book hey! So much bike lingo that went over my head. But what a cool adventure. I reckon we do our own Long Way trip…but all through Europe. In a limo 🙂

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