Levels of Success in a Workplace

I’ve figured out the three levels of influence in a workplace so you can easily determine when you’ve made it!

Level 1 — You make your own tea and coffee but also make it for other employees

Level 2 — You make your own tea and coffee’s

Level 3 — Someone else (normally a level 1) makes your tea and coffee for you. Sometimes a level 3 can also manage to have lunch bought for them and if they are very influential, or scary, have their dry cleaning done.

Photo curtesy of Blaine Swanborough

Photo curtesy of Blaine Swanborough

I look forward to the day where I am level 3, right now I would be content with a level 2.


5 thoughts on “Levels of Success in a Workplace

  1. I do believe the Level .5 exists myself. I’ve observed it happening in a few places and I think its somewhere between anteater and the bloke who tests Q-Tips for a living on the Influence Scale.

    However, I’m keen to know (Steff, answer if you can!) whether a Level 4 is out there somewhere. You know, someone who has their dry cleaning done for them, has their lunch brought to their desk (or office eating venue of choice) and has their toenails clipped every 3 days for them.

  2. Yes yes, I do believe a Level 0.5 exists, and most likely a level 4.
    But ‘Three Levels of Success’ sounds better than 0.5-4 levels of success. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. interesting theory steff! maybe it just works differently here in britain, because at my workplace everyone kind of vacillates between all 3 levels — including the boss. maybe it’s the english tea culture?

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