Chronicles of Narnia

C.S Lewis is amazing. I’m just reading through the Chronicles of Narnia now and I’m really loving it. I’m fairly positve I’ve read all of the stories before, but it’s been such a long time, and I’m really enjoying the re-read.

I think for once, they actually did a good job of turning books into movies. I went and saw Prince Caspian twice.. and both times, I actually sort of forgot I was at the movies. I felt like I was in Narnia – and it was wonderful.

Skandar Keynes portraying Edmund in Prince Caspian

Skandar Keynes portraying Edmund in Prince Caspian

My favourite quote from the movie:

King Miraz: Tell me, Prince Edmund…
Edmund Pevensie: King.
King Miraz: I beg your Pardon.
Edmund Pevensie: It’s King Edmund, actually. Just King though. Peter’s the High King.
[awkward pause]
Edmund Pevensie: I know, it’s confusing.

I love Edmund actually. I know he’s probably the most selfishly annoying character, especially in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe — but he’s so easy to indentify with. And he totally redeems himself later on. What a guy, or boy.

five stars


8 thoughts on “Chronicles of Narnia

  1. hahaha you have a boy crush!

    but seriously, i played Mr Beaver in my primary school musical of LW&W, theyre still talking about it on the gold coast 15 years later!

  2. i know how ya feel! i mean, i watch the chronicals of Narnia: prince Caspian every night! i love that movie! i don’t really think he is selfish and annoying in the second movie! the first movie defenetly. but not the second.

  3. I Lone this film like a breathe. I thing this film was favourite film in this world.Narnia NArnia Narnia i feel i was in narnia. Narnia’s world is our world.
    i lone this film every time. i see this film 2 times in aweek. but i have not a narnia’s part 2 . narnia and the Prince caspian.but i saw that film in cinemas hall. 2 time in 1 day. i love all characters in Narnia mostly Peter. I love you all. thank u for Narnia.

  4. stefanny…you have one of my character traits & that is getting to like edmund pevensie. & i also watch prince caspian &LWW ALMOST EVERY NIGHT! i’m trying to collect all movies of narnia since i’ve got all the 7 books now i’m planning to collect the dvd’s
    edmund is so cool…in the LWW he is the bad guy of the family but when prince caspian was released & after i watched it

    i go crazy! crazy abt king edmund! thanks 4 creating this blog & i like to say that is also my favorite part of edmund’s line.

  5. I am the #1 Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the witch , and the wardrobe and Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. I was 6 years old when the 1st and ever chronicles of Narnia came out and i saw it when it came out in theater. I saw both and i adore both and i will adore all the others. 🙂

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