Thankfully ungrateful

Do you think that there is a word that exists to describe when you are a true blend of opposing emotions. I guess that’s just like being conflicted or something. I find myself at one of these points in my life. There are so many things I am thankful for yet so many things I am frustrated over.

Perhaps this is how everyone actually feels. Perhaps this is how we are supposed to feel? We need to be content enough to enjoy the things in life that are good – but find the rest of life frustrating enough that we get off our butts and do something.

I only wish the frustrating things had an answer, a solution. That all the running around, the fussing, the emotions weren’t in vain. I think that most of life’s, or at least my life’s, great problems don’t actually have answers. At least not answers I’ve been included in.

I’m really thankful for my new house, my new car, the holiday I’m taking with Bec in March (66 days baby!), good food, The Office. I’m not going to the list the frustrating things for fear of becoming frustrated and ruining the semi peaceful mood I’m in.

I read this book on Friday at work by Joyce Meyer about Strife. I never really considered myself to be a person who wasn’t at peace, but the more I read it, the more conflict and strife I realised I had in my life. Now more than ever I’m craving that peace. I’m prepared to get rid of almost anything to have it.

However I think a month’s long cruise through the Carribean would settle the strife in my life? Don’t you think?


One thought on “Thankfully ungrateful

  1. I think a cruise is perfect. I am willing to travel with you on your quest for peace. That’s how good a friend I am! 🙂

    Love the new layout Steff, seriously! It looks fantastic 🙂

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