Feeling superior – A story

Considering my age, financial position, level of education, work experience and job title – you’re going to find this post a little haughty. Which is maybe a good thing – I’m feeling a little haughty.

Once upon a day not so long ago in a lunchroom at a workplace a girl was reading a book. As she paused to take a bite of some boring noodles, one of the few other book readers at work, asked her what she was reading. They then engaged in a conversation about their holidays and whether they were able to read many books and which ones etc etc. The contents of this conversation are not central to the story. The girl had read about 8 or 9 – which she thought was a pretty good effort. And he had read 3 or 4 – which is also a good effort, considering he does have 3 kids under the age of like 5.

At this point in the conversation, a  coworker pipes up with “Well it’s nice for you guys – I’m just too busy to read”

So I just simply said “Well.. I guess I mostly read instead of watching television”

“I don’t watch television either, but I’m still too busy to read, you’d understand if you had children Steff” replied the haughtier than usual coworker.

I shut my mouth at this point. One, because I’m trying not to be a stuck up cow and two, because all the other parents in the room were nodding in agreement.

End of Story.

This frustrates me SO much. I had so many comebacks for what I wanted to say in return. The best one was me rattling off a list of all the things I do like work full time, study part time and all the things I do with church etc etc and how I still manage to find time to read and the worst one something about if she didn’t spend so much time being haughty and… etc etc. If you really wanted to read, you would. Even if it was a chapter or so every couple of nights before you fell asleep.

I hate that line – ‘I’m just too busy’ and my new favourite line to hate –  ‘I’ve got kids you know’. Just because I don’t have children doesn’t mean I’m not busy AND just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you CAN’T read.

If you don’t like reading, then say so. Don’t pretend like you enjoy it and you can’t find a spare 15 minutes every day. If  you loved reading so much like you claim, you’d find 15 minutes for it.

3 thoughts on “Feeling superior – A story

  1. To the argument ‘you can’t read if you have children’, i say ‘duncan brown, james macpherson, glen cochrane…’ NOTE – I am suddenly concerned that I can’t think of a female example here…. Note to self – must not become non-reading mother…

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