Opportunity Lost due to lack of Business Card

On Thursday afternoon at approximately 1.30pm a receptionist lost out on an amazing opportunity due to a lack of stationery. Steffany Willis was carrying out general tasks at her place of employment yesterday afternoon when a stunning looking gentlemen arrived for an appointment. She made him his coffee and while he waited for his appointment they engaged in a lovely conversation and Steffany said she was amazed at how easy it was to talk to someone so good looking. “It’s like, I wanted to faint and go all gooey and mushy, but the conversation was so lively that I managed to keep my head” Miss Willis stated. She believes that the reason she hasn’t received a call yet from this gentleman who she’s sure wanted to ask her out, is because of a lack of business card. “I’m quite sure that if I had of had a business card, I could have given it to him pretending to be of receptionistic service – giving him the perfect excuse to call”. Steffany wants to warn other receptionists out there that they should also request business cards for such situations as this. “I wouldn’t want anyone else to be caught in the same position, perhaps there is a need of personal cards – you know, like business cards but with a model like picture and your mobile and facebook link”.

Facts were edited in this story to make it a touch more interesting.

5 thoughts on “::Warning::

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