On Friday night I went to a dinner party with some friends. Two of my engaged friends invited us all there to inform us we were to be a part of their wedding day in exactly one year’s time. I have the awesome privilege of being Rebecca Mumberson’s maid of honour.. and so I am super excited and have weddings on the brain. I love weddings and Christmas. They are like the best days of the year. To make things even more exciting, Toni Snell is doing their wedding photo’s. I love her photos. So exciting.


Toni Snell's Handywork

Toni Snell's Handywork



So pardon me if this blog get used a lot to blog about ideas and excitement in the lead up to the big day. I’ll be needing help.


Bridal Couture

Bridal Couture


One thought on “Exciting

  1. Thats SOOOOOO exciting!!! I also adore weddings and wait in anticipation to see you walk down the aisle…..

    …..in front of Bec 🙂 But oh she has great taste!!

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