I’ve got a new favourite TV show. Lately I’ve been watching a fair bit of TV. One, I’m not working full time at the moment and I’m not getting lots and lots of shifts. Two, I am in the middle of doing a couple of assignments and TV shows are much better to procrastinate with than movies.

Lately I’ve been watching The West Wing. I bought it for Blaine for Christmas, so now I’ve borrowed it back and I am really enjoying it. It’s a lot less trashy than all the TV shows I normally watch. It’s entertaining, thought provoking, humorous and provides a good insight into American Politics. The other great thing about it is.. it goes for many many seasons. I’ve just finished the first season and am onto the second season. Woohoo!

Another new favourite thing of mine, is orange pulp juice. You know.. the gritty stuff that most people probably don’t like. I bought a bottle of it the other day and it’s really good. Just mixing it up.

I also love socks. It’s starting to get a bit colder now.. and socks are the greatest things ever. We have hardwood floors at our house and it makes for wonderful sliding around the house. Walk a tiny bit faster than usual and I start skidding around the corners.. Most people know that heat escapes from your extremities.. so socks keep you warm! I know, I know — I’m pretty intelligent hey. I needed new socks anyway because I need black socks at work.. bought myself a lovely pack of 4 Bonds socks. There is nothing better than new socks!

Also.. Tom Welling is a genius. Been watching the new season of Smallville and I think he’s a bit legendary. Briliant skills.


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