For the last 24 hours my internet has been acting beyond slow. We’ve either reached our download limit (has never happened) or our network is down. It’s quite frustrating. I’ve been at home sick for the last week and other than sleeping, I’ve spent most of my time watching TV online. It’s been pretty great until now. It takes about 6 hours to download one episode, rather than 6 minutes. I’m fairly bored. I should be working on my assignments I guess, but the internet is so slow that it would be painstakingly pointless. I’ve watched everything that I already own. I’ve already coloured my hair today, made cupcakes and read a book. I’m pretty bored. How sad is it that when my internet is down, my life is down. So much of my life revolves around technology. But I guess there really isn’t an option of going backwards. Life will only get more technologically advanced, and you have to keep up with it otherwise you’re out of date. I wonder what would happen if I just stopped using a computer and my mobile. Like permanently…


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