Her blog is better than mine

Life gives people a bit of grief at times I think. I think life can really give girls in particular a lot of grief (although what would I know about the grief of a man?). One of the issues girls struggle with noticeably in their teens and then subtly in the early twenties etc is that whole jealousy issue. I think that we often sit there and think ‘her clothes are better than mine’, ‘her hair is better than mine’, ‘her boyfriend is better than my lack of boyfriend’  – you know, those kind of things. Now that we officially live and breathe technology, not only do we have to worry about shoes, figures, hair do’s and car’s.. we have blogs to worry about. That’s all I really struggle with at the moment.

Blog jealousy. I wonder if you suffer from it to? 

Perhaps you don’t have a blog.. and the reason isn’t because you don’t have time, or you don’t feel like you have something to say, but that you truly think no one would read it. Perhaps you do have a blog and you know nobody reads it. Perhaps you have a blog and people read it and like it, but you’re one of those strange people who is jealous anyway. If you said a mental yes to any of the above then you probably suffer from blog jealousy.


In the spirit of trying to get over my blog jealousy.. check out my friends blogs who are better than mine.

Laura Fraser – has a great all rounder blog, I’m jealous

Emily Averill – has some awesome art and thoughts, I’m jealous

Sarah Starrenburg – has insight and wisdom, I’m jealous


and you should check out Will’s blog — simply because it’s a good blog.


4 thoughts on “Her blog is better than mine

  1. Someone with a blog like yours should NOT be suffering from blog jealousy. seriously. But thanks for the plug anyway 🙂 I was wondering why I had so many people come from your site to mine on that day.. shows how many people follow your blog!

  2. yeah don’t listen to yourself! you inspired at least two of the four listed to get blogging….so there! 😛

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