June Summary

Back in January I said I’d be doing summaries of each months. I’ve been so slack with my blog and with my life that I haven’t done them. I’ll start trying again.


Books Read: Eclipse- Stephenie Meyer, Eat Pray Love – Elizabeth Gilbert. Not many this month. It’s mostly been textbooks.

Clothes Bought: My Mum bought me some boots. And I bought some earings and some bangles and the cheapest great pair of jeans!

Consumed Music: Downloaded the latest United album in this month at some point. It’s great. Also loving Hometown Glory by Adele. You Could Be Happy by Snow Patrol is also great.

Films Watched: I went and saw Ghost of Girlfriends Past with Sarah Starrenburg. That was a bit rude but pretty funny. Transformers – AMAZING. I will definitely go and see that again. I think that’s all I’ve seen.

Recipies Mastered: Spaghetti Bolognese. It’s nothing spectacular.. but I don’t need a recipe. And I’ve been giving scrambled eggs a go. Pretty basic.

Lessons Learned: God’s timing is perfect. I think I finally may have this one figured out! My body really doesn’t like getting up at 4am. Bathrooms stay cleaner if you clean them really regularly. If you moan and complain and guilt trip people after you’ve done a good deed, the good in the deed has been undone. Women like to talk about their problems and men like to try and solve them. I’ve really seen that this month.

I got a new job at the end of this month after lots of prayer and interviews and tears.  So that is really great. I got to say thanks but no thanks to my hospitality job, at least for a while, which was also great. A tough month but it ended well!


Shia Labeouf & Megan Fox

Shia Labeouf & Megan Fox





Friendship is possibly the great thing in the world. Lately I’ve been reminded just how lucky I am.

Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art.. it has no survival value; rather it gives value to survival. C.S Lewis

On Sunday night I got to see 3 of my best friends. They are not the most perfect people in life but they are perfect for my life.



Tegan Churcher

I met Tegan Churcher when I was 9 years old. I moved to a state called Tasmania because my Dad was becoming the minister of Devonport Church of Christ. Tegan’s mother, Sharon, was in charge of all things creative there. So that’s how we met. Unfortunately we’re still friends to this day and she can still remember that I wore a nightie the first time I met her. Tegan Churcher is my bestest friend. We have been friends for 12 years now and it’s a bond we’re proud to say is a little bit freakish. Tegan loves interior design, Jesus, trying new things and thankfully, she loves me. She has great taste in music & in fashion. People say we look alike. I think that’s a lie. We are the same person, she is just 10 times better looking than I am.



Laura Fraser

I don’t recall the specific time and place that I met Laura Fraser, although it was much later on in life than when I met Tegan. Laura and I started to become friends in Science class. We actually really bonded over this little personal joke we got going which was N.E.R.F’s. It’s basically a nerdier way to be a nerd. But let’s face it.. I gave up being a nerd or a nerf a long time ago, LF is still going strong. Which is actually one of the the things I love about Laura. She’s really intelligent. Sometimes she misses jokes but don’t let that fool you. Laura Fraser will do great things. Laura Fraser is crazy, I love crazy Laura. Laura is a brilliant writer, artist, dancer, speaker, thinker, photographer and friend.



Emily Averill

I never really met Emily Averill. She’s one of those people that everyone that you know, knows, so then you end up knowing her. What I will say is though, that from the moment we started talking and hanging out.. give us like.. 3 months.. and we were at best friend status. Laura, Emily & I did so many things together and I think the 3 of us sort of became a thing. Emily Averill is different. I think she processes the world differently than the rest of us and I really like that. She’s an insane artist. She should really be making a lot of money out of what she does. She’s a brilliant singer, although she really doesn’t think so. She’s a little more than insanely good looking. Track pants & baggy t-shirt or a lbd – she’s stunning. She’s a great friend, girlfriend, sister & daughter. Her relationships are fresh and exciting, and despite being two years younger than me, I have learnt so much from being in her life.



Rebecca Mumberson

I really clearly remember the first time I met Bec Mumberson. Clearer than the three girls I’ve already mentioned. It was at Grade 9 camp on a bus. I’m very pale and had put sunscreen on my face and rubbed it in, and then put another layer on my face sort of like zink, just to be a little bit weird, but also for extra protection. Bec looked at me with utter disgust as she rolled her eyes ‘Look, do you realise you have sunscreen ALL over you face?’. I told her yes I did, and went on my merry way. Our friendship has frown over the years despite the rough start. Rebecca is kind, thoughtful, persistent, clever, gorgeous, engaged, creative and a really great friend. So many of my happiest memories are filled with this wonderful lady. I can’t wait to be a part of her wedding day.



Some of the other gorgeous people who I’m lucky to do life with..



I love birthdays and I love birthday parties. I think the greatest thing about birthday parties is how self centered they can be. For one night, it can pretty much all about you. There’s sometimes nice about showing a person how much you care about them, but choosing to stop being selfish for one night. Plus there are presents and cake. Two things I’m rather fond of.









These two are engaged. These two are pretty cute. Alone they are lovely people, but together they are maybe even lovlier. I love lovely friends.



This photo is at the airport. I love that friends support you. That’s what friendship is I think. If you set out on a new adventure, in God, in your career, in life – friends are there to support you.



Friends celebrate life together. They get dressed up and they dance together.













A friend hears the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails.– Anonymous

I think I’m pretty lucky. The greatest thing about this post is, there’s a lot of amazing friends of mine who aren’t on this page right here. I’m lucky to have them in my life as well.

Blog update

Hello to blog readers, randoms and regulars.

This is just an update to let you know what’s coming up on the blog.. and what’s happened already on the blog, but that you probably should check out again.

I’ve mentioned Marielle before on my blog. I met her through Chictopia and she is my favourite fashion blogger. I saw this post on her site about shoes and I really loved it. I love shoes and I love this girl’s taste in fashion. So it was rather a treat to come across this particular post. I am in the midst of working on my own version, sort of a cross between Marielle’s post and Laura’s post on her new bedroom. I want to make sure I do it right.

I’m also going to try and get my end of month updates happening again. You might remember my first and only one back in January. So that is also in drafting stages. I think it’s a good way to sum up a month. It helps you to take note of all that was achieved in the month.

I will soon be on university holidays (I love to say university rather than uni) and as such, plan to read a lot more books. I hope to put up a few book reviews soon, the book reviews are more for me than they probably are for the blog readers. I find it’s helpful to sum up what I read in a book. Brings clarity.

I think in summary, I like to sum things up.

Also, in the last two days, there’s been a huge spike in my blog views. I’m not sure why or who the extra views are coming from, or if certain friends of mine are just super bored and checking my blog every half hour for updates – BUT thanks. I appreciate the love. Let me know who you are and what your blog is so I can return the favour.

Blog love.



If life is a game, then I think I’ll start playing

If you’ve ever played a game with me then you will know one or two things about my character. I think that’s the case with everyone, but this is my blog, so we’re talking about me for now. I don’t normally induldge in sports games so if you have played a game with me, it’s most likely been of the board game/ getting to know you/party game variety. You will have noticed that one, I’m pretty good. And two, I’m insanely competitive. I’m always right about the rules and if you have ever even thought about cheating, you’ll live to regret it. I’m fiesty, rude and essentially I let all my inhibitions go and become this crazed person intent on winning.

For some reason, when I play games I become the worst and best versions of myself all rolled into one. I’m rather fond of winning you see. My mind works faster, I exercise leadership qualities, my reflexes are better and so on and so forth.

I wonder why it is that after a lively game of Taboo, people find themselves saying things like ‘Gee – I have never seen Steff/Bob/John act like that before, like a totally different person’. Why is it that people are more themselves when they are playing a game. I know I’m more myself when I’m playing a game. Why is it we loose our inhibitions because of a little competition?

I don’t actually know why (maybe I need a degree for that) but I do know that if I lived my life the way I played board games, there would be a few issues. I’d be ruder (if possible), more competitive and all that. But I would also be smarter, finish things quicker, be more honest and generally win a lot more. I don’t mean  to beat people at things, I just mean to start enjoying life like someone who’s winning at it.

I heard once, in a movie I think, the saying that ‘you should live your life the way you play poker, and you play poker the way you should live your life’. I think what they are meaning is that you should be taking more risks in your real life than you should in poker. You should live your life as if you were trying to win, not trying to lose.

Maybe I should be living my life as honestly and as passionately as I would play a game. Maybe we all should. Loosing our inhibitions like that is risky, but I think it could be a good risk. If life is a game, then I think I’ll stop watching from the sidelines, I think I’ll start playing like I’m playing to win.



Status Updates

For those times when twitter and facebook aren’t large enough to express all the status updates you wish you could share..


Steffany is dancing around her clean room in pj’s.

Steffany is really taking her time getting ready for bed

Steffany was reminded tonight that worship is about alignment.

Steffany is GANGSTA.

Steffany is hungry cos all she had for dinner was Chocolate pudding

Steffany’s phone is playing up and is saying it has no memory.. when that is a LIE.

Steffany enjoyed Laura’s bedroom post. And is wondering if her wardrobe is interesting enough to do something similar.

Steffany wishes she had a natural flair for fashion, rather than a really forced attempt at it.

Steffany is pondering 21st party ideas.

Steffany thinks that she thinks about a lot and all at one time.


In 2007 I kept a pretty intense journal. I use the term journal pretty loosely as it contains bible journalling, frustrated emotional entries, sermon notes, speeches, stage design drawings, lists as well as those typical girly entries. I was feeling pretty retrospective tonight and was thinking about all that has happened in my life over the last couple of years, things that have changed, things that have stayed the same. I was flipping through this 2007 journal and came across some gems to share.


Longing is the hearts treasury – Augustine

We are desperately aware of how much more we are capable of – James Macpherson

You broke the night like the sun and healed my heart with your great love – Hillsong United

God is a timing freak – Glen Cochrane

What we behold is what we become, behaviour is always the echo of belief – Peter McHugh

Thank you for always listening to my request, yet doing what IS actually best for me, not just what I think is best. I know that within you is all I need for an amazing, exciting and impacting life. Help me to be the kind of friend, employee, daughter, sister, colleague, leader that you want and need me to be. I love you – you are more than my messed up writing and my badly constructed sentences could ever depict.

Steffany Willis


In the spirit of copying a friends idea.. here are some things I am loving at the moment.


I’m loving iced tea, lemon tea, peppermint tea, licorice legs tea and just good old regular black tea. This kind of weather is perfect for tea.


No I haven’t gone all sporto on you, I went to a netball game tonight. Ashamedly mainly because my friend Tegan was a ring in even though a lot of other friends play. It was heated and we very nearly won. I discovered Ruth Limkin should add sports commentary to her list of many talents.

Apple Pies with Soft Serve

For $1.50 this is a great dessert idea! You alternate the hot apple pie with the cold soft serve.. it’s a good mix I say. Thanks to Ruth and Steve for this one!

a_CROSS//The_EARTH – Tear Down the Walls

It’s a great album. Loving singing some of these new songs in church and loving belting them out in my car. Favourites would be.. More than Anything & Tear Down the Walls


I’m pretty much always loving this show. Who knew I could actually successfully write an entire assignment to a season or two of Smallville in the background. I thought it would make me distracted.. but the slight distraction in the background has kept me for becoming depressed about this thing called university.


I had two days to complete a really difficult assignment.. and then I realised.. the communications department decided to give us all an extension for like another two or 3 weeks!


I worked a pretty ridiculous function last Saturday night, a masquerade ball. They were all so drunk when 4 security guards managed to throw them all out that half of them left their masks behind. I took home 3 masks that night. Might come in handy.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Well.. a pretty ridiculous saying.. but I cleaned my bathroom today.. with bleech and all.. it’s pretty glorious (apart from the smell). I’m tackling the bedroom tomorrow!!


To balance out all the love, let me just say that I hate not having any money and I hate having ridiculously thick hair!


I become a Twilight Fan after reading the first book to see what the fuss was about. I read them all in fairly record time, even for a Twilight fan, and have even read two of the twice. Suffice it to say, I enjoyed the movie (who doesn’t love Robert Pattinson?) Twilight – so of course I am looking forward to New Moon, the next movie in the Twilight Saga.

Here’s the official trailer. I think it’ll be good.