Status Updates

For those times when twitter and facebook aren’t large enough to express all the status updates you wish you could share..


Steffany is dancing around her clean room in pj’s.

Steffany is really taking her time getting ready for bed

Steffany was reminded tonight that worship is about alignment.

Steffany is GANGSTA.

Steffany is hungry cos all she had for dinner was Chocolate pudding

Steffany’s phone is playing up and is saying it has no memory.. when that is a LIE.

Steffany enjoyed Laura’s bedroom post. And is wondering if her wardrobe is interesting enough to do something similar.

Steffany wishes she had a natural flair for fashion, rather than a really forced attempt at it.

Steffany is pondering 21st party ideas.

Steffany thinks that she thinks about a lot and all at one time.


2 thoughts on “Status Updates

  1. Laura thinks that Steffany does think about a lot, but a lot of good things. Laura also thinks that chocolate pudding sounds like a fabulous dinner idea, pity its not so filling. And lastly, Laura would like to argue that Steffany most certainly has a natural flair for fashion! Or is really really really good at making it look like she does! x

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