If life is a game, then I think I’ll start playing

If you’ve ever played a game with me then you will know one or two things about my character. I think that’s the case with everyone, but this is my blog, so we’re talking about me for now. I don’t normally induldge in sports games so if you have played a game with me, it’s most likely been of the board game/ getting to know you/party game variety. You will have noticed that one, I’m pretty good. And two, I’m insanely competitive. I’m always right about the rules and if you have ever even thought about cheating, you’ll live to regret it. I’m fiesty, rude and essentially I let all my inhibitions go and become this crazed person intent on winning.

For some reason, when I play games I become the worst and best versions of myself all rolled into one. I’m rather fond of winning you see. My mind works faster, I exercise leadership qualities, my reflexes are better and so on and so forth.

I wonder why it is that after a lively game of Taboo, people find themselves saying things like ‘Gee – I have never seen Steff/Bob/John act like that before, like a totally different person’. Why is it that people are more themselves when they are playing a game. I know I’m more myself when I’m playing a game. Why is it we loose our inhibitions because of a little competition?

I don’t actually know why (maybe I need a degree for that) but I do know that if I lived my life the way I played board games, there would be a few issues. I’d be ruder (if possible), more competitive and all that. But I would also be smarter, finish things quicker, be more honest and generally win a lot more. I don’t mean  to beat people at things, I just mean to start enjoying life like someone who’s winning at it.

I heard once, in a movie I think, the saying that ‘you should live your life the way you play poker, and you play poker the way you should live your life’. I think what they are meaning is that you should be taking more risks in your real life than you should in poker. You should live your life as if you were trying to win, not trying to lose.

Maybe I should be living my life as honestly and as passionately as I would play a game. Maybe we all should. Loosing our inhibitions like that is risky, but I think it could be a good risk. If life is a game, then I think I’ll stop watching from the sidelines, I think I’ll start playing like I’m playing to win.




One thought on “Competition

  1. ‘you should live your life as if you were trying to win, not trying to lose’ – excellent thought! xx

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