Blog update

Hello to blog readers, randoms and regulars.

This is just an update to let you know what’s coming up on the blog.. and what’s happened already on the blog, but that you probably should check out again.

I’ve mentioned Marielle before on my blog. I met her through Chictopia and she is my favourite fashion blogger. I saw this post on her site about shoes and I really loved it. I love shoes and I love this girl’s taste in fashion. So it was rather a treat to come across this particular post. I am in the midst of working on my own version, sort of a cross between Marielle’s post and Laura’s post on her new bedroom. I want to make sure I do it right.

I’m also going to try and get my end of month updates happening again. You might remember my first and only one back in January. So that is also in drafting stages. I think it’s a good way to sum up a month. It helps you to take note of all that was achieved in the month.

I will soon be on university holidays (I love to say university rather than uni) and as such, plan to read a lot more books. I hope to put up a few book reviews soon, the book reviews are more for me than they probably are for the blog readers. I find it’s helpful to sum up what I read in a book. Brings clarity.

I think in summary, I like to sum things up.

Also, in the last two days, there’s been a huge spike in my blog views. I’m not sure why or who the extra views are coming from, or if certain friends of mine are just super bored and checking my blog every half hour for updates – BUT thanks. I appreciate the love. Let me know who you are and what your blog is so I can return the favour.

Blog love.


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