Beauty is…

I like beautiful things. Maybe this makes me shallow but I like them all the same. I like beautiful people but mostly when they are beautiful on the inside, I love perfumes but I love them even more if they come in pretty bottles, jewellery but especially jewellery that sparkles, pretty clothes but I really love gorgeous fabrics, stunning heels and I really don’t care if they are painful, I really love flowers and it’s a bonus if they smell nice.

Beauty is Chanel. A month or so ago I started a post that was dedicated to all things Chanel. I was reading an article about Coco Chanel and was inspired. I love labels, I won’t lie, but Chanel isn’t necessarily on my ‘must buy’ list. But I really think Chanel is so iconic and have really captured that luxurious beautiful side to fashion. Here’s some pictures I loved.

Chanel fashion bag




Beauty is Sarah Starrenburg. Sarah must know me a lot better than she thinks she does. On Thursday I arrived home to find waiting outside my door, a little card with Sarah’s handwriting and a borders shopping bag. Sarah had bought me a little gift. I love gifts, totally my love language. Sarah had bought me a book. I love books. Sarah had bought me Jane Austen’s Sense & Sensibility. I love this lady. Not because she gave me a book, but because she cares about me a whole lot. Life is too short to deal with dodgy friends.


Beauty is definitely Max Brenner. I love that bald man.


Beauty is in the bag, especially the Jimmy Choo bag. Picking up on a love for labels. Don’t tell any future boyfriend prospects, it scares them. 🙂


Beauty is in friendship. Friends who really know you. I can always count on these two, for anything really.


Beauty is in a really really great cup of tea. I think that’s beauty is doubled if the tea is shared with great friends and great conversation.

Beauty is someone who knows their worth.

Beauty is Matt Jensen’s dog’s name.

Beauty is Jennifer Anniston, she gets better looking with age.




Beauty is ‘the dress’.


Beauty is that moment of pure clarity.

Beauty is making the eyes POP.

Beauty is these lyrics from this Darren Hayes song, So Beautiful.

Whether I’m right or wrong
There’s no phrase that hits
Like an ocean needs the sand
Or a dirty old shoe that fits
And if all the world was perfect
I would only ever want to see your scars

You know they can have their universe
We’ll be in the dirt designing stars

And darlin’ you know
You make me feel so beautiful
Nowhere else in the world I wanna be
You make me feel so beautiful

Whether I’m up or down
There’s no crowd to please
I’m like a faith without a clause to believe in it
And if all the world was smiling
I would only ever want to see your frown
You know they can sail away in sunsets
We’ll be right here stranded on the ground
Just happy to be found

You make me feel so beautiful
Nowhere else in the world I wanna be
You make me feel so beautiful

I have lost my illusions
I have drowned in your words
I have left my confusion to a cynical world
I am throwing myself at things I don’t understand
Discover enlightenment holding your hand

You are..
So Beautiful

Beauty is your darling little sister who is not so little anymore. I can’t explain in adequate words how precious this young lady is to me.


On second thoughts.. maybe the beauty is genetic. My Mum is also stunning.


Beauty is a great night of lovely sleeping when you’re exhausted. Night night beautiful ones. xo