Birthday Gifts

A secret blog reader made herself know at my birthday and suggested that I do a blog about my birthday presents. I don’t really like unwrapping presents in front of people, but people still like to see what you got. I got lucky.

Bec's Birthday Gift

My delicious wall clock from Rebecca Mumberson and Nathan Whitecross, soon to be Mr & Mrs Whitecross. I love love it.


I super duper wanted new pyjamas. So I got this lovely voucher for Peter Alexander from Michelle, Clair and Jess. Delightful!


This is half my present from my beautiful sister, Georgia. Narnia books and my favourite ring.


Wow! I love this! From my Aunty Wendy, Uncle Ian and cousins Mitch & Maddy!


Beautiful flowers from beautiful Amy!


I seriously love this bag like I seriously love the Greenwood’s.


My little pamper pack from Luke and Brie!


Zab gives a decent gift! I always need these!


Laura’s awesome wrapping.


Just delightful! The Fraser’s gave me this gift which I should have opened before I cut the cut. But I love it a lot anyway.


Ben Seymour won big points with this present.


You can’t really tell from the picture, but that is like the most amazing candle you have ever seen. And the massage will be the most amazing pain I’ve experience in a while.


Delicious perfume from Ruth and Steve xo


Seriously, what is a birthday party for if not to stock up your jewellery collection! Love these Clint and Joelle. I’m sure Clint did the picking though.


I actually need more photo frames. Thanks Dave Stay. Your birthday is at a very cool time of year.


Liz and Josh. Books. Jane Austen. Things I really really like.


I love this. Blaine, Matt & Rachel and Courtenay gave me this lovely Royal Albert collection of loveliness. I seriously love tea hey, thanks so so much!



Thank you Casey, Kristen & Jayden, Dan, Amy, Kelly, Chloe and Aj for this! Seriously! Yahoo!


It’s hard to show in a picture how amazing this really is. It was wrapped amazingly also. Sarah and Sarah are good present givers.


Thank you Anna and John! Timed this present perfectly for my party!


Vase also from John and Anna. Flowers from Sarah. ūüôā

These are just some of the delightful things I received. Parental presents deserve their own post.

Thanks so much everyone. xoxox


Hi darling blog readers,


I’m excited. It’s my 21st birthday soon. I love birthdays. I love presents, cake, decorations, birthday dresses. Birthday parties on the other hand, yikes. So much stuff to do, so much money. Every year I say, ‘I won’t have a party’ and then somehow, I get suckered into having one. I’m sure it will be fun, but right now it feels like lots of work and lots of money. Things I still have to do.


  • Pick up and pay for cake. Probably will be the best part of the party.
  • Set up lights. How does one actually do this?
  • Pick up chairs and tables from church. Hmmm.. trailer anyone?
  • Get food from caterer’s. Pay for it.. More money.
  • Buy hot outfit and find matching shoes. Matching shoes will be harder. I think.
  • Find spots for candles.
  • Clean, because I’m sure the dust will make things dirty again.
  • Mow the lawn.
  • Buy beverages. And coathangers. Actually coathangers are unrelated.
  • Haircut
  • Massage, because of all the stress
  • Finish playlist and find something to play it on
  • Make a powerpoint, maybe.¬†


Typing this list out for everyone online has been helpful.

Thanks peeps.¬†Unfortunately I’ve started using words like peeps.


Love love Steffany. xo

Faces in the Crowd

If it is true that a picture paints a thousand words, then there was a Roman centurion who got a dictionary full. All he did was see Jesus suffer. He never heard him preach or saw him heal or followed him through the crowds. He never witnessed him still the wind; he only witnessed the way he died. But that was all it took to cause this weather-worn solder to take a giant step of faith. “Surely this was a righteous man.”

That says a lot, doesn’t it? It says the rubber of faith meets the road of reality under hardship. It says the trueness of one’s belief is revealed in pain. Genuineness and character are unveiled in misfortune. Faith is at its best, not in three-piece suits on Sunday mornings or at V.B.S on summer days, but at hospital besides, cancer wards and cemetries.

Maybe that’s what moved this old, crusty soldier. Serenity in suffering is a stirring testimony. Anybody can preach a sermon on a mount surrounded by daisies. But one one with a gut full of faith can live a sermon on a mountain of pain.

No Wonder They Call Him the Savior – Max Lucado


Really enjoying getting into reading more again during this 21 days. I think Max Lucado is an amazing writer. He writes about amazing things but his writing skills are also top notch. Something about the way he weaves words together makes you want to read and read and read. As if I needed any incentive!


For the past 2 months I’ve been experiencing an annoying headache at approximately 2pm everyday work day. It’s been very frustrating and the headache normally lasts til about 8pm that night, or until I’ve overdosed on pretty severe pain medication. My poor liver!

I finally came to the conclusion that my headaches probably weren’t just because I didn’t like coming to work but it was either because my eyes were slowly dying or I needed some serious physio. Both my parent’s wear glasses and I thought I had better go and get my eyes checked before I turn 21 and am no longer covered under their health cover. I guess it was probably a bad sign when my eye test hurt like crazy. Apparently there is nothing painful about an eye test. My eyes, if they had their own emotions, would disagree!

Turns out instead of reading with my eyes straight ahead, I kind of read cross eyed. When I focus it puts too much strain on the eyes, hence the headaches and the black outs I started having. (Blackouts are a pretty good indication something is up!) So I walked away that day (well actually two weeks later) with glasses for reading and computer use.

I’m kind of loving them and hating them. I love them because I don’t get headaches every day but I hate them because I think I need to get them adjusted so they don’t keep falling off my nose. I’m kinda annoyed because I always forget to put them on, and then forget to take them off when I walk off to go do something. The optometrist wasn’t kidding when he said it was just for reading. One reason I do like them though, is I’m pretty sure I look a lot smarter.

Call me crazy, but I think that sometimes people think I’m not very smart. I mean people get really shocked when they ask me what degree I’m studying and I say ‘Mass Communication’ but they think I’ve said ‘Maths Communication’ and they give me that look that says ‘Maths…?…. Steff?…’ Maybe I give off the ‘I’m not book smart, but I’m¬†street¬†smart, which really just means I’m not smart at all’ vibe? Maybe it’s because I’ve listened to my music too loud and I’m partially deaf so when people ask me questions I just answer ‘Mmmm’ or ‘Me too’ to things that require full sentences. Whatever it is, it’s not generally assumed that I’m the sharpest crayon in the shed, or whatever the saying is.

The glasses however, seem to change that, at least for me. I feel smarter. And don’t they say that feeling good is the way to look good. Or like looking smart is like the way to be like smart.

The real problem is, I only really wear the glasses when I’m reading or at work. People at work don’t think I’m intelligent because I make about eleventy seven mistakes a day. People who serve me at Coles do not naturally assume I’m smart. A police office will not think I am normally a smart person when I’m pulled over for forgetting to attach my new rego sticker. Friends do not think that I am smart when I laugh 10 minutes after a joke has actually happened. Bloggers do not think I am smart when I type chear instead of cheer for a post title. The person who marks my uni assignments does not think I am smart when .. well they read my assignments. BUT — I do kinda look smart now. So maybe I’ll start wearing my glasses more places that just in front of the computer (DANG, just realised I’m not wearing them now) and then everyone (apart from those who have just read this post) will maybe consider the option that I am remotely intelligent.


I feel that this whole post has maybe moved me a couple of steps down the intelligence ladder, especially because I went to use the word notches before and tried to spell it with a k before the n and wondered why the computer tried to correct me! Sigh.

August Summary


Books Read: Breaking Dawn – Stephenie Meyer. Boundaries, such a classic Christian book that like everyone has read, I hadn’t yet, so I did.

Clothes Bought: I bought a lot more clothes. First proper month where I’ve had any left over money. I bought 5 new tops, a belt, a scarf, 3 beanie/hats. Stocking up on winter clothes for next year as they go on sale.

Consumed Music: Well I went to the Anberlin concert/gig/show (whatever you call those things these days) and that was pretty awesome. I bought the Taylor Swift album.. you might be surprised. Not only is she good looking, but she can actually sing and actually write music.

Films Watched: I watched Transformers again, The Ugly Truth. I feel like I saw something else, but I really can’t remember.

Recipies Mastered: None. I’m thinking I should take this category out of my monthly summaries, as it makes me feel like a bad person. I should really learn how to cook.

Lessons Learned: Just because someone has been professional for the last 2 months that you’ve known them, doesn’t mean they always will be. 80 days at Kapooka can make you really buff. That you can be just as tired after 8.5 hours sleep each night as when you were getting 5 hours of sleep each night. Red Bull and V are my friends. Check, double check and then check it all over again.

I got a new job this month too. I know it seems like I get a new job every month, but I don’t. Not exactly anyway.

Quotable Fashion

I stole a book from my best friend Emily who I’m pretty sure received this book as a present from my other best friend Laura. Let me share some quotes with you that came out of the book. The book is called ‘The One Hundred’ by Nina Garcia. Yes, another fashion post, deal with it.

A waist is a terrible thing to waste – Anonymous

Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury – Coco Chanel

There are no ugly women, only lazy ones – Helena Rubinstein

I can resist everything except for temptation – Oscar Wilde

Jewellery takes people’s minds off your wrinkles – Sonja Henie

While clothes may not make the woman, they certainly have a strong affect on her self confidence – which, I believe, does make a woman – Mark Kay Ash

We must never confuse elegance with snobbery – Yves St Laurent

Adventure is worthwhile in itself – Amelia Earhart

Ah, the things you can learn from coffee table books. If I ever get around to deciding I’m cool enough to write a book, it would be a coffee table book.


I’m going to be honest, something pretty new for me. Blogging gives me grief. I really like reading other people’s blogs, but¬†maintaining¬†my own blog is such a pain, for a few reasons.

1. I get in trouble when I don’t update enough.

2. I get annoyed that when I do update regularly, it’s all nonsense.

3. I get frustrated because I forget my password and it takes me so long to remember which password I used, that by the time I’ve figured it out, the inspiration I once had to blog, is gone.

4. I get annoyed because the kind of posts I want to do, take forever to do.

5. I get annoyed because I don’t have a camera. 80% of the blogs I read and made up of posts that are 80% full of pictures that people have taken. No one writes blogs anymore, they take pictures. It’s a pity I don’t have a camera, and that I can’t do anything to take a picture of. All I can do is write, and in this day and age that makes for a boooorrring blog.

6. I laugh because I actually don’t care about most of the things I wrote about above, I’m just really stretching the boundaries of what an acceptable blog is. But still.. I really do obviously need to get a camera to stay hip and happening.

Does anyone bother to check my blog anymore? I have no idea. Haha.