I’m going to be honest, something pretty new for me. Blogging gives me grief. I really like reading other people’s blogs, but maintaining my own blog is such a pain, for a few reasons.

1. I get in trouble when I don’t update enough.

2. I get annoyed that when I do update regularly, it’s all nonsense.

3. I get frustrated because I forget my password and it takes me so long to remember which password I used, that by the time I’ve figured it out, the inspiration I once had to blog, is gone.

4. I get annoyed because the kind of posts I want to do, take forever to do.

5. I get annoyed because I don’t have a camera. 80% of the blogs I read and made up of posts that are 80% full of pictures that people have taken. No one writes blogs anymore, they take pictures. It’s a pity I don’t have a camera, and that I can’t do anything to take a picture of. All I can do is write, and in this day and age that makes for a boooorrring blog.

6. I laugh because I actually don’t care about most of the things I wrote about above, I’m just really stretching the boundaries of what an acceptable blog is. But still.. I really do obviously need to get a camera to stay hip and happening.

Does anyone bother to check my blog anymore? I have no idea. Haha.


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