For the past 2 months I’ve been experiencing an annoying headache at approximately 2pm everyday work day. It’s been very frustrating and the headache normally lasts til about 8pm that night, or until I’ve overdosed on pretty severe pain medication. My poor liver!

I finally came to the conclusion that my headaches probably weren’t just because I didn’t like coming to work but it was either because my eyes were slowly dying or I needed some serious physio. Both my parent’s wear glasses and I thought I had better go and get my eyes checked before I turn 21 and am no longer covered under their health cover. I guess it was probably a bad sign when my eye test hurt like crazy. Apparently there is nothing painful about an eye test. My eyes, if they had their own emotions, would disagree!

Turns out instead of reading with my eyes straight ahead, I kind of read cross eyed. When I focus it puts too much strain on the eyes, hence the headaches and the black outs I started having. (Blackouts are a pretty good indication something is up!) So I walked away that day (well actually two weeks later) with glasses for reading and computer use.

I’m kind of loving them and hating them. I love them because I don’t get headaches every day but I hate them because I think I need to get them adjusted so they don’t keep falling off my nose. I’m kinda annoyed because I always forget to put them on, and then forget to take them off when I walk off to go do something. The optometrist wasn’t kidding when he said it was just for reading. One reason I do like them though, is I’m pretty sure I look a lot smarter.

Call me crazy, but I think that sometimes people think I’m not very smart. I mean people get really shocked when they ask me what degree I’m studying and I say ‘Mass Communication’ but they think I’ve said ‘Maths Communication’ and they give me that look that says ‘Maths…?…. Steff?…’ Maybe I give off the ‘I’m not book smart, but I’m street smart, which really just means I’m not smart at all’ vibe? Maybe it’s because I’ve listened to my music too loud and I’m partially deaf so when people ask me questions I just answer ‘Mmmm’ or ‘Me too’ to things that require full sentences. Whatever it is, it’s not generally assumed that I’m the sharpest crayon in the shed, or whatever the saying is.

The glasses however, seem to change that, at least for me. I feel smarter. And don’t they say that feeling good is the way to look good. Or like looking smart is like the way to be like smart.

The real problem is, I only really wear the glasses when I’m reading or at work. People at work don’t think I’m intelligent because I make about eleventy seven mistakes a day. People who serve me at Coles do not naturally assume I’m smart. A police office will not think I am normally a smart person when I’m pulled over for forgetting to attach my new rego sticker. Friends do not think that I am smart when I laugh 10 minutes after a joke has actually happened. Bloggers do not think I am smart when I type chear instead of cheer for a post title. The person who marks my uni assignments does not think I am smart when .. well they read my assignments. BUT — I do kinda look smart now. So maybe I’ll start wearing my glasses more places that just in front of the computer (DANG, just realised I’m not wearing them now) and then everyone (apart from those who have just read this post) will maybe consider the option that I am remotely intelligent.


I feel that this whole post has maybe moved me a couple of steps down the intelligence ladder, especially because I went to use the word notches before and tried to spell it with a k before the n and wondered why the computer tried to correct me! Sigh.


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