Hi darling blog readers,


I’m excited. It’s my 21st birthday soon. I love birthdays. I love presents, cake, decorations, birthday dresses. Birthday parties on the other hand, yikes. So much stuff to do, so much money. Every year I say, ‘I won’t have a party’ and then somehow, I get suckered into having one. I’m sure it will be fun, but right now it feels like lots of work and lots of money. Things I still have to do.


  • Pick up and pay for cake. Probably will be the best part of the party.
  • Set up lights. How does one actually do this?
  • Pick up chairs and tables from church. Hmmm.. trailer anyone?
  • Get food from caterer’s. Pay for it.. More money.
  • Buy hot outfit and find matching shoes. Matching shoes will be harder. I think.
  • Find spots for candles.
  • Clean, because I’m sure the dust will make things dirty again.
  • Mow the lawn.
  • Buy beverages. And coathangers. Actually coathangers are unrelated.
  • Haircut
  • Massage, because of all the stress
  • Finish playlist and find something to play it on
  • Make a powerpoint, maybe. 


Typing this list out for everyone online has been helpful.

Thanks peeps. Unfortunately I’ve started using words like peeps.


Love love Steffany. xo


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