Birthday Gifts

A secret blog reader made herself know at my birthday and suggested that I do a blog about my birthday presents. I don’t really like unwrapping presents in front of people, but people still like to see what you got. I got lucky.

Bec's Birthday Gift

My delicious wall clock from Rebecca Mumberson and Nathan Whitecross, soon to be Mr & Mrs Whitecross. I love love it.


I super duper wanted new pyjamas. So I got this lovely voucher for Peter Alexander from Michelle, Clair and Jess. Delightful!


This is half my present from my beautiful sister, Georgia. Narnia books and my favourite ring.


Wow! I love this! From my Aunty Wendy, Uncle Ian and cousins Mitch & Maddy!


Beautiful flowers from beautiful Amy!


I seriously love this bag like I seriously love the Greenwood’s.


My little pamper pack from Luke and Brie!


Zab gives a decent gift! I always need these!


Laura’s awesome wrapping.


Just delightful! The Fraser’s gave me this gift which I should have opened before I cut the cut. But I love it a lot anyway.


Ben Seymour won big points with this present.


You can’t really tell from the picture, but that is like the most amazing candle you have ever seen. And the massage will be the most amazing pain I’ve experience in a while.


Delicious perfume from Ruth and Steve xo


Seriously, what is a birthday party for if not to stock up your jewellery collection! Love these Clint and Joelle. I’m sure Clint did the picking though.


I actually need more photo frames. Thanks Dave Stay. Your birthday is at a very cool time of year.


Liz and Josh. Books. Jane Austen. Things I really really like.


I love this. Blaine, Matt & Rachel and Courtenay gave me this lovely Royal Albert collection of loveliness. I seriously love tea hey, thanks so so much!



Thank you Casey, Kristen & Jayden, Dan, Amy, Kelly, Chloe and Aj for this! Seriously! Yahoo!


It’s hard to show in a picture how amazing this really is. It was wrapped amazingly also. Sarah and Sarah are good present givers.


Thank you Anna and John! Timed this present perfectly for my party!


Vase also from John and Anna. Flowers from Sarah. šŸ™‚

These are just some of the delightful things I received. Parental presents deserve their own post.

Thanks so much everyone. xoxox


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