September Summary


Books Read: Max Lucado – No Wonder they call Him Saviour & Max Lucado – Six Hours One Friday

Clothes Bought: I bought a birthday dress and shoes. Yikes those shoes are painful, but beautiful.

Consumed Music: I got some itunes vouchers for my birthday, so I purchased a bit of music this month. I also made a 21st playlist, which meant I downloaded a classic song from every year I was born. Some highlights included Seal – Kissed by a Rose, Simply Red – If you dont’ know me by now, and Destiny’s Child – Bootylicious. With the vouchers I bought the new Paramore album – can’t wait to see them live. And also a few other random songs from The Almost, Alexisonfire who I’ll also be seeing live next year.

Birthdays: Birthdays are pretty big in September. Happy Birthday to Aunty Kerrie, Nathan, Amy, Kelly, Beth, Dave, Sarah, Chetti and most likely others.  Highlights were obviously Laura’s 21st party, which was black and white cocktail themed. Nathan’s 21st which saw hand made candleabra’s set on fire. And my own 21st — which saw my hair set on fire. Accidentally thankfully.

Films Watched: The Surrogates (pretty thought provoking) … and I think that’s all.

Lessons Learned: Lots of hard work and planning can’t necessarily guarantee a successful party. I think successful parties are basically flukes. Cakes can cost a fair bit. Fasting is difficult. Tea is amazing.


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