November Summary

I think I technically missed October’s Summary, so here’s a BIG November Summary to make up for it.


Books Read: Eek. I read one book this month. Haha. A Voice in the Wind – Francine Rivers. I also read Maddison, Shop and Harpars Bazaar though.

Clothes Bought: I bought two pairs of new jeans, faded denim and black skinnies. A faded demin high wasted skirt. A lovely detailed orange top. Thanks Emily for that voucher. I also bought a cute little floral dress from Target for Brie and Luke’s wedding. I might have maybe bought one or two other things – oops.

Consumed Music: I downloaded the new Michael Buble album this month. It’s basically what you can expect from Mr Buble – smooth sultry classic jazzy songs with a few originals. I would really love to see him live even though he’s a bit of a dodgy kinda guy. Also my favourite song of the month which I downloaded the other week – Heartbeats by Jose Gonzales – it’s so so amazing. I listen to it on repeat all the time.

Birthdays: Eden’s 1st birthday party. Which was just a delightful afternoon on Clear Mountain. She’s the cutest baby around. Kristen wasn’t born in November but her 21st party was held in Novemeber which was fun. I think the 21st birthdays are finally finishing up for the year though. My wallet can’t handle many more. It’s also Aj’s 22nd birthday in November. Happy Birthday for Tuesday Aj!

Films Watched: The Twilight Saga – New Moon. I kinda liked it. Although my opinion of it is hard to define. It was awkward and good all at the same time. The highlight was definitely how so many Team Edward’s got converted to Team Jacob, all because of some abs. What was even funnier if that grown women seem to forget that Taylor Lautner is like 16 or something. Everyone should check out Cheaper by the Dozen 2, when Taylor is like 12. It’s hilarious and you’ll probably never find Jacob Black good looking afterwards.

Lessons Learned:

TV Shows love to theme the names of their episodes.

Every Friends episode name starts with ‘The One With’ or the ‘The One Where’  like ‘The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break’

Every Scrubs episode starts with ‘My’ like ‘My Inconvenient Truth’

Every One Tree Hill Episode is a Song Title like ‘Crash Into You’

Every Smallville Episode is simply one word like ‘Hidden’ or ‘Splinter’

Every O.C episode starts with a ‘The’ like ‘The Swells’ or ‘The Dearly Beloved’

All of the Gilmore Girls episodes are so clever but not so much themed.

Other Highlights:

This month I felt fairly cultured. Went to QPAC twice in the one week. Once to see my delightful younger sister perform at her annual dance concert. She’s fairly amazing and born to perform. Not a performance photo. But a hot photo all the same.

I also went to the Sound of Music Sing A Long. Who knew something like this could be so so much fun? I thought the tickets were pretty overpriced considering they were just going to play the Sound of Music on a big screen at The Lyric with the words scrolling along the bottom. But they really made you feel like you got your money’s worth. Firstly, almost everyone dressed up which added to the whole experience. So so many nuns! Then on each of our seats was a little bag with random things inside. Each thing was for one of the ‘Big 5 moments’ or maybe it was 6 but I can’t remember. So we received a little swatch of material resembling some curtain, a party popper, flash cards, an invitation and a little plastic piece of edelweiss. (So maybe it was 5). The best bit of all was that we were all meant to pop our poppers simultaneously when Maria and the Captain kiss for the very first time. It was pretty magical. For some reason, if you’re allowed to sing along in a theatre, you’re allowed to yell out random things throughout the rest of the show as well. To start off with it was funny, and then it just got more rude and less funny after intermission drinks. Haha. Mental note to, well, other people – if you are one of those people who hates people talking through the movie, never go to a sing along. 🙂


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